is a French accordionist, synth player and composer based in Paris & London. Graduated from Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris in 2019, great Jazz masters inspire his approach of improvisation.

Charles is always in a hunt for new experiences and musical cross-breedings: he can be heard playing in symphony orchestra projects, as well as electronic music and jazz groups, or collaborating with live performances productions.

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Gregorian Jazz Metal

After a first arrangement of the Gregorian chant Victimae Pascali Laudes ("The Loudest Victim"), CKRAFT is born from the encounter between synthesiser-accordion, improvising musicians, and a strong Gojira influence.

Cellos & accordion

Four movements piece, written for the 2015 & 2018 cello/accordion editions of Académie de Villecroze, overseen by Richard Galliano, Vincent Peirani & Vincent Ségal. The latter is featured in recordings of movements III and IV.

Sayag Jazz Machine
Electro - Jazz - Drum'n'Bass

Featuring synthesiser - accordion.

The original project's Jazz / Drum’n’Bass evolved in a wide sonic and scenic vector of parallel futuristic universes.

Requiem Pour L

Fourteen musicians from different continents come together around Mozart's Requiem. They merge their own musical influences with jazz, opera and popular African music, thus generating a new experience of the Requiem.

Classic Musicals

An anthology of musicals, exploring the impact of accordion and piano, and showcasing their possibilities when transcription delivers the spirit of a work by renewing it.

Premiere: Salle Cortot, Mar.27, 2020

Charolles x Lartigau
x Kieny
Free improvisation

It's in the context of "Musiques à Ouïr" collective that Charles met drummer Denis Charolles. Followed frenzy improvisation sessions with Cécile Lartigau (Ondes Martenot).

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