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Charles Kieny is a French accordionist, synth player, and composer, based in London & Paris. He is extremely versatile and takes part in many projects, mainly in the fields of Jazz and improvised musics.

Recently graduated from Paris National Superior Conservatory (CNSMDP), great Jazz masters inspire his artistic approach. He was invited twice at the Académie Musicale de Villecroze, which gave him the opportunity to work with Richard Galliano and Vincent Peirani, and to be employed later as an arranger for Maîtrise de Radio France (French National Radio's choir)

Charles believes that above all genres, it's the people who play his music that define it, bringing their own background and culture into it. Therefore, he is always in a hunt for new experiences and cross-breedings with jazz: he can be heard playing in symphony orchestra projects (such as Kevin Lam's "Kind of A Prodigal Son" and Ellinoa's expanded version of "Wanderlust"), or in delirious Drum'n'Bass band Sayag Jazz Machine, as well as in Fabrizio Cassol's and Alain Platel's last collaboration Requiem Pour L, which gathers jazzmen, traditional Congolese musicians and South-African opera singers. Charles seizes every opportunity to expand his experience, and regularly participates in various live performances such as the Comédie de Genève's version of the Threepenny Opera, or Lido de Paris' review "Paris Merveille". In 2019 he's involved in the first ever youth orchestra from ONJ (France's National Jazz Orchestra), and works with François Jeanneau on his 1980s repertoire, which originally didn't contain an accordion part.

His latest projects as a leader are highly miscellaneous as well: CKRAFT, a group composed of jazz musicians, executes a powerful mixture of Gojira/Meshuggah influenced riffs with typical melodic material from Gregorian chants. Quy-Gone, a currently recording Jazz/Hip-Hop 6tet, features Malawian rapper Edash Quata and premiered in Double-Neuf Hip-Hop Festival in Paris. Smaller combos are completing this colourful panoply for which Charles is constantly trying new compositions, such as a 2 cellos and accordion(s) trio Crozphonics (recently featuring Vincent Ségal) , a free improvisation trio with Denis Charolles and Cécile Lartigau, a duet with Taiwanese flautist Ya-Heng Chen, and another duet with pianist Thibault Gomez, which will premiere at Salle Cortot in Paris on the 27th of March 2020.

All this music is free to listen and download on Charles' website.

The latest "what's on" is available on social medias (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).