is a French accordionist and composer based in Paris. Electronic sensors allow him to play synthesisers directly on his acoustic instrument. Graduated from Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris in 2019, he specialised in Jazz, improvisation and amplified music.

Charles is always in a hunt for new experiences and musical cross-breedings: he can be heard playing in orchestra projects, as well as electronic music and jazz groups, or collaborating with live performances productions.

A longer biography can be found here.


Gregorian Jazz Metal

CKRAFT men are craftsmen of an elaborate and heavy sound, which borrows from Metal its strength,  from Jazz its shout of freedom, and from Gregorian chant its immortal melodic material.


Cellos & accordion

Four parts piece, written at Académie de Villecroze, overseen by Richard Galliano, Vincent Peirani & Vincent Ségal. The latter is featured in recordings of movements III and IV.


Sayag Jazz Machine
Electro - Jazz - Drum'n'Bass

The original project's Jazz / Drum’n’Bass evolved in a wide sonic and scenic vector of parallel futuristic universes.


150_requiem pour L _ chris van der burgh
Requiem For L

Fourteen musicians from different continents come together around Mozart's Requiem. They merge their own musical influences with jazz, opera and popular African music, thus generating a new experience of the Requiem.


Classic Musicals

an anthology of musicals, exploring the scope of the piano and the accordion, presenting a set of their possibilities, or when the transcription transmits the spirit of a work by renewing it.

Charolles x Lartigau x Kieny
Free improvisation

It's in the context of "Musiques à Ouïr" collective that Charles met drummer Denis Charolles. Followed frenzy improvisation sessions with Cécile Lartigau (Ondes Martenot).